Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Witches, Goblins & Fires

Since we had the new central heating fitted, we've been left with a mucky old hole in the chimney breast where the old fire used to be. A few weeks ago Dad came over and built a box for us to put inside the cavity. Then the other weekend I finally got round to finishing it off by adding a surround. Debbie then painted it a lovely old gold colour and then added a coat of gold glitter paint.


We're really pleased with the result, all we need to do now is paint the chimney breast a different colour, something other than off white or beige!

Last night we managed to off load our uneaten sweetie/toffee/spice collection on to an array of witches and goblins daring to walk down the path to the gate where Lucy and Lollypop were their best impression of the hounds of hell, ready to jump on any intruder and lick them to death lol. Thankfully we just had a couple of supernatural visits to contend with before relaxing with a bottle or two of wine, taking in the Halloween night offerings on the TV, double edition of Coronation Street with Eastenders in the interval.

After being dry all day, the rain was back again just before we went to bed but wasn't amounting to much, then at half past three this morning we were woken by torrential rain hammering against the window.


By day break the rain had gone, replaced by a lovely blue sky and warm sunshine, although it looks like it will be time to batten down the hatches tonight as the weather turns wet and windy once again. No sign of it getting any colder yet though.....sheesh!


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Barb said...

Sounds like a festive past few days! The old fireplace looks great--just like something out of a home magazine. Have the cats decided that it's a great napping spot yet? :)