Friday, November 25, 2005

Stuck In The Middle

It’s been a week since our last update, Debbie’s been working her little socks off while I’ve enjoyed a week off work. I’ve been a busy bunny too though, painting the living room and bathroom which has proven to be much more hard work than I thought, whoever invented skirting boards needs shooting!

Since last time we’ve taken the dogs for a stroll round the local park in the bitterly cold wind. We could only get a picture of Lucy, Lollypop wouldn’t stand still long enough.


Last weekend we went over to Manchester to see Debbie’s Sister and took her daughter out for a birthday treat, a new riding hat and KFC dinner. On the way there Debbie took some pictures out of the car window while we were stood at traffic lights lol.


It sure has been cold this week, we’ve had a frost every day apart from yesterday and on Wednesday morning it was so white it looked like it had snowed. Our iron gate looks cool with a little bit of frost around the edges.


Here’s a log from the tree we cut down in the summer, we keep asking around for a chain saw but we’ve had no offers yet, maybe they think we’d be more dangerous than usual armed with one of those lol.


Our fuschia plants have finally admitted defeat now the frost has arrived, they did well though hanging on until the middle of November.


I’ve pinched this from the weather news group but it describes our current weather situation, clear skies, perfectly, feel free to read it in tune …..

I’ve got snow to the left of me,
snow to the right of me,
here I am,
stuck in the middle with blue.

I’ve got the day off painting today, time to check those pesky charts and see if there is any glimmer of hope for a snowflake round these parts over the weekend.



Sarah said...

We have lots of snow here in South Wales, Looks like we are in for a tough winter if we are getting snow in November

gemmak said...

Lovely pics :o)


JustSue said...

Just a minor snow fall here so far. Nothing to write home about. Getting the Crimbo lights up this weekend though.

Jennifer said...

We call "skirting boards" trim, or base boards heehee. I feel your pain about the painting. I've done a living room, dining room, bathroom and now recroom! I'm just waiting for the trims primer to dry before I put the paint on. Sigh.

Jennifer said...

Oh and no snow for me here in Southern Ontario, Canada. It's 10C and pouring down rain.