Monday, November 07, 2005

Crash, Bang, Wallop!

We've never heard or seen so many fireworks exploding in to the night sky as we did over the last two days. Bonfire Night itself was the worst, stepping outside to let the dogs out was like entering a war zone with bangs and flashes coming from all directions. We were thankful that Lucy, Lollypop, Misty, Toddy and even little Eric just carried on regardless, ignoring all the commotion outside.

While the rest of the country were out buying up all the explosives they could lay their hands on, we decided to do something about the fish tank. The plants were going fury and turning black, the sand was turning a dark shade of disgusting as it was a nightmare to clean and we were loosing fish. First went the plants, straight into the bin, quickly followed by all that murky sand and replaced by lovely new black gravel.


We can't believe the difference, we've managed a 25% water change without losing any fish and they're all much more active in the crystal clear water. Even the plec has been out cleaning the rocks who previously appeared to be on strike, probably due to poor working conditions. We'll see how things go this week and if all is still well, we'll see about replacing some of the fish we've lost.

With the aquarium looking the part, Debbie finished off the new fireplace with a wonderful arrangement full of autumn colour.


All we need now, is for it to actually feel like autumn instead of late summer, however, it looks like we're stuck with the mild, wet and windy weather for at least another week. Hey ho, at least the snow has returned to Lapland after having some mild weather of their own.



JustSue said...

too bad about the sand looked wonderful in the beginning...but I imagine it would be a devil to clean at times. Good luck with the gravel and with the new additions to the tank.

Sarah said...

I took the kids to a display and got soaked - wish I hadnt bothered now lol

I wish it would stop raining here as well, there is soo much flooding here today - half of our roads are closed this evening.

Looking forward to some crisp frosty mornings lol

Cheryl said...

Sounds like you had a case of the dreaded black algae. That stuff is horrible, and the devil to get rid of too!! You did the right thing replacing everything. If any decorations start having little batches of it again, take them out and soak them in bleach water for 24 hrs. Then rinse and soak in rinse water for 24 hours. They should be fine after that.