Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Winter Has Arrived!

Finally after all the unseasonable mild weather we've being having of late, this morning it's chuffing freezing, well almost, down to 3c which is close enough. Parts of the country have seen their first snowfall overnight, the usual suspects in a Northerly outbreak, North East coast and the North Yorkshire Moors. Areas of Scotland such as Aberdeen have also seen a bit of the white stuff this morning, hopefully it won't be too long before we get some down here, it's certainly going to be cold enough for the next few days but it looks like glorious sunshine is on the cards.

We had a mad spend over the weekend, early Christmas presents for us both, a new Freeview receiver with Top Up TV and a DVD Recorder. We've just about got to grips with the Freeview box and last night I managed to get a picture through the DVD recorder. Obviously that's put a curse on everything, there is bugger all worth watching on any of the extra channels and all those great films that are always on too late have disappeared lol.

We're looking forward to Friday though, the 2005 Children In Need extravaganza, always a treat to watch as is anything hosted by Terry Wogan. We've been watching The Great Big Bid all week, I did cough up a pound for a chance of going birding with Bill Oddie but alas, it's not to be. Hey ho, at least it's all in a good cause :-)


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