Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday SNIFFS!!

Well what a week it has been, Monday was fine going to work got there super early and left quite late as per usual, as I was on the roundabout to the motorway I glanced over and hells bells it was propper queued, hence a quick deceision to go the other way and nearly banging 3 cars out of me way I was on route to pick me Paulie up (good job this car has TURBO)

Tuesday morning, usual rush hour, but this time took us ten mins to get up the road instead of the usual 0.50 seconds, radio on we are armed with the latest travel news, holey mosses there is yet another accident on the M1, this time a 13 car pile up!!

Another journey at flying speed through the country side back into town to find more queues just getting to work in the nick of time, by time to get off home its is pouring down with rain and we all ended up doing 50mph on the motorway, I would not mind but I had to pick Paulie up and race off to the doctors for that all inportant blood pressure check!

This morning we sets off to work to find that they had shut the main road off to work as there was a body found in the early hours and the police had to do their investigations......hence another morning stuck in traffice queues for over an hour, I would not mind but it normally take us all of 20 mins to drop of Paulie and me to get to work, lets hope tomorrow morning is better!

And to top it all Ive come home with a sore throat and a bit of a sniffle, but mind you being a woman, it will be one of those things, not like having the dreaded MAN FLU!

Now its time for our evening meal which Paulie is doing a grand job of banging about in the kitchen, he says he is going to make the evening meals for the next two months, I ask you girls, do you think this will last or will the novelty wear off?


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gemmak said...

Oh the joys of rush hour....I vaguely remember! heh.

As for the cooking, I'll give it about 2 days! ;o)