Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Snow Arrives!

It snowed here on and off nearly all day on Monday, giving a total depth at one point of........


.....about one and a half flakes!

Higher on the hills the snow stayed around until Tuesday morning but that soon melted away too. At least we've had a taste of the winter to come and we've not done bad having such a long run of cold weather, it won't do our chances of snow any harm as we move into winter tomorrow.

Last night we had a ride over to Ikea to get some curtains for the newly decorated bathroom and we also got a display cabinet which was an unexpected find at a very reasonable price, even if we did almost break our backs try to carry the thing up a frosty path.

It was freezing cold, getting down to -3.2c at midnight and this morning, the forecasters are warning of freezing rain, sleet and snow, although for here at least, I think it will have warmed up enough for plain old rain by the time it gets here.


1 comment:

chrissy said...

I only wished it would snow here. I have seen snow here where it actually stuck to the ground about 3 times my whole life and I am 48 years old!!!!

Today is the first cool day here in Texas. The high today will be around
68F. And that is cold to us.

For us to have a white Christmas or even a white winter, would be wonderful.

Love your pictures. Does the word "envy" mean anything?? :)

Have a wonderful holiday season....