Monday, October 31, 2005

Things That Go Bump In The Night

After the nightmare trying to find a tumble dryer the other week, we were pleased to see our new one delivered early on Saturday morning and there was no delay in getting the appliance into action, shifting a giant pile of washing.

The rest of the day was spent preparing for our first ever Halloween party. I did start off quite well behaved but the bitter was making me sleepy so I switched to Whisky and Coke for a while before the Isle Of Jura came out to play, followed by a sample or three of bourbon whisky. Debbie just stayed on whisky and coke, which by Sunday morning, I wish I'd done!

A good time was had by all though, the three foot illuminated pumpkin outside looking through the window was great, the buffet went down a storm, then we all gathered in the living room for traditional Halloween activities ......... watching X Factor! In fact the only thing that went bump in the night was me bouncing along the landing wall trying to get to bed!

We'll have to be careful tonight with any kids calling round trick or treating, over the weekend we found out that Lollypop doesn't any kind of mask, he just goes bonkers, barking and growling and won't stop until the mask is hidden away! We'll keep him in the living room with Lucy and the cats, they'll be content watching the fireworks through the window which luckily is one thing none of them are frightened of.

Have great Halloween, whatever you are!


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