Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Only 68 Days To Christmas!

All we seem to be doing lately is going shopping and doing jobs around the house, it's like being stuck on Groundhog Day! We've not been to Knowsley since April and we want to go off exploring at Robin Hoods Bay soon before it gets too cold to be staggering about across slippery rocks in the search of the perfect picture.

The jobs are finally dwindling though, the rubbish in the garden still needs sorting out but now it's all been chopped up, it's not so pressing. One thing that does need to be done this weekend is the building of a new fire surround to compliment the box Dad helped us build the other week.

Halloween is just around the corner now and the clocks will be going back soon, it's frightening just how quickly Christmas is approaching this year! At least the shops aren't full off Christmas merchandise so early these days with all the space taken up with Halloween and Trick or Treat gear. We've daren't think about buying Christmas presents yet, not while we're still unpacking stuff from the move! We have been to a local wholesaler and got our Christmas lights though, earlier than we would have liked but if we'd have left it until November, let alone December, we wouldn't have been able to get what we wanted. We're so looking forward to our first Wedding Anniversary and Christmas together in our new home and want the festive period for 2005 to be really special!



Jennifer said...

I'm sure it will be very special. I can't get over the 68 days till Christmas. Are you sure you counted right? ;)

Luckily I have some of my Christmas shopping finished already. It won't creep up on me like last year and it's a mad dash to get it all finished on Christmas eve. :)

Barb said...

I can't believe you're counting already!

JustSue said...

Wow! Can't believe you wedding anniversary is coming up so fast. Seems like just yesterday we were counting down the days!