Thursday, June 09, 2005

Trying Times!

Laid back Paul has this week become a nervous wreck and physically ill at the hands of our mortgage company and our worse than useless mortgage advisor.

On Monday, not being able to get in touch with our advisor as usual, I spoke to the mortgage company direct and was told again that they had not received the application through the post but they had received the fax and it would entered on the system later today and we'd get a call from a surveyor later that day or on Tuesday.

Not trusting anyone by this stage, I called them again in the afternoon and they assured me I would get a phone call on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, not hearing anything by lunch time, I called them and this time they said they hadn't received the fax, could we fax it again. I explained that I'd been told they had it so asked me to get the fax number it was send from so they could search for it. I asked to speak to a manager and while I was put on hold called our advisor to get the fax number. The lady from the mortgage company was back on explaining that a manager wasn't available but they had found the fax again and then put me through to the guy who would be inputting it. He said it would be done as a priority on Wednesday morning.

I actualy managed to get through to our advisor who said she would speak to them mid morning on Wednesday to check on the progress and would call me straight away.

Not hearing anything by lunchtime on Wednesday, not being able to get in touch with our advisor, I called the mortgage company again and they said it hadn't as yet been entered onto the system but it would be done today, not impressed I asked for a manager again who turned out to be in a meeting. Not deterred I demanded to speak to someone in authority who duly promised that the manager I needed to speak to would call me back between 4 and 5pm.

Our advisor then called me to say she'd had been in touch with them and they said they had lost the fax again! She said she'd speak to them again and call me back. Half an hour later she called back and said they have now found the fax again and they would input it this afternoon and guaranteed it would go for underwriting today and we should get a call from a surveyor today or Thursday morning.

The hours window for the manager to call me came and went so at one minute past 5pm I called them. They said it was now on the system and had been passed for underwriting, thoroughly pissed off with all the pathetic lies and covering up, I still asked to speak to the manager and was told he'd left for the day. Well, I went bananas after he had promised to call me and was duly put through to him. He apologised for the problems (the first apology I've had from them in the last three days) and confirmed everything was now moving along and a surveyor would call me on Thursday and that he would call me before lunch time to make sure this has been done.

We got home last night to find an envelope through the post from our mortgage company containing the payslips and bank statements that we sent with our original application. Lost in he post MY ARSE! They will have some explaining to do today!


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Snowbabies said...

Copied from Haloscan:

Par for the course I'm afraid. Youv'e just got to keep at them 24/7 to get anything done. Just try and keep your sanity. Keep checking up on your
solicitor as well. They can be a bit sluggish too.
freddy | 06.09.05 - 10:21 pm | #

Amazingly Freddy, the solicitors have been fantastic and are biting at the bit to get moving!

Snowbabies | 06.10.05 - 8:07 am | #