Friday, June 24, 2005

PG Tips Mobile

It's still hot hot hot here but the forecast is for thunderstorms again later which will be great for cooling the air down a bit but not so good for anyone living in a flood prone area who will be at risk from flash floods again, including the poor folk that were hit on Sunday.

We were supposed to be upgrading our mobile phones this week but despite our service provider saying we could, when we actually tried, they said we couldn't even though the shop thought we could and their web site indicated we could. We had the same problem when trying to upgrade before, on that occasion our contract had expired but they still wanted to charge us more for an upgrade than the cost of buying a phone on it's own! Never again, they can go and stick their price plans where the sun don't shine!

We're going to try and refrain from using the mobiles except for when it's free then we're not giving them any more money than we have to. If this turns out not to be practical with all the phone calls we're having to make at the moment, we'll just go with someone else any way and switch the old phones off as paying for two price plans will be cheaper than what we've been paying recently with the extra charges for daytime phone calls.

It's crunchie time, it's Big Brother eviction day and there are rumours of three new housemates going in tonight....Top Banana!



gemmak said...

Id be interest to know who the serice provider is.

Snowbabies said...

The title of this post is a cryptic clue... PG Tips Mobile... could also have been Tetely Mobile lol.