Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Slowly Moving Forward

Well, the new mortgage was set up on Friday morning and we were faxed the papers to sign which we faxed back within an hour so it could go for underwriting. The latest update yesterday was that it's with underwriting and a surveyor should be appointed imminently. We just want to get the survey out of the way and start looking forward to moving, however we've had the report back on our house and we've got to be visited by a damp expert, an electrician and a roofer. I don't think it's going throw up any issues but it's another worry we could do without.

Having ditched the other mortgage company, we were getting a taste for exercising our rights as consumers. We ordered a new car on Saturday and when Debbie called the insurance company, that she'd only just changed to, they said they couldn't offer a quote to existing customers. So, they lost a customer even before the policy came into effect, muppets! Anyway, we've gone back with Toyota insurance who have been very helpful in handling the renewal and a change to a new car in a few weeks time.


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Snowbabies said...

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My goodness you guys go through a lot of things when buying/ selling a house. We would never have any of those kind of people have to inspect anything. Car insurance companies make me want to throw rocks at them! Glad you were able to get someone.

Best of luck to you
Jen | 06.15.05 - 2:12 pm | #