Friday, June 03, 2005

Preparing To Be Surveyed

We were supposed to be off to the camera club last night but to be honest, we were just too knackered to contemplate anything other than chilling in front of the TV! At least it's crunchie day, we're definitely not planning on getting up much before lunchtime tomorrow!

We've reached the next stage of the house moving process, the surveyor for our buyer has now arranged to come and inspect our house early next week. I'll be glad when we're over this hurdle, as long as our house gets a clean bill of health, it should be plain sailing from hereon in.

Tonight we'll be chilling again with bottle or three of something nice and watching Big Brother which seems to be a little bit more entertaining this year, probably due to the housemates being younger, louder and in some cases, just plain weird!



alfie said...

I just can't bear to watch BB any more. They all seem to be total freakazoids. i mean, whatever was wrong with the good old fashioned cad like Nasty Nick?

Mandy said...

I've never watched Big Brother but I've heard sooo much about it. I can't say I feel I'm missing out though. If I got into that I doubt I'd have time to do much else! lol :-)