Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Here's our new toy!


On Saturday, having had enough of our unhelpful mobile phone operator, we decided to go shopping for a pair of new phones. Now, we've done this loads of times before and usually it takes hours of flitting between the shops trying to find something we like at the right price. Not so this time around, our first stop was Superdrug who have a pokey little 3 shop in the corner but it;s not the size of the shop that matters, it's the staff in it and the phones deals on offer. With us still locked into our old contract for 6 months we didn't want to be paying too much and we we're pleasantly surprised to find that the right phone was on offer with half price line rental for the first six months. In effect we're now paying the same price having two phones on the go as we would have done just upgrading to the anytime tariff with our old operator.

So we walked out of the shop with a bargain tariff, a shiny new Nokia 6680 each and we both got a handy back pack full of goodies!

We've had the phones for a few days now and we love them to bits, the only minor down sides are that they don't have a radio and they don't come with any chuffin games! The 3 network, Planet 3, is cool which is just as well as you can't browse the internet, but their own offerings are enough to keep us occupied and it's totally free to browse. There is only are charge, usually 25p ro 50p if you decide to watch a video clip of anything but it does give you a clear warning before doing anything which costs money, which is nice. The games available through 3 are bit pricey though at £7.50 each, I'm sure we could get some for half that price elsewhere although I'm not sure we'd have time to play any games much anyway.

Sending texts is a dream, the keys are so easy to use I've even been able to use predictive text without swearing! Debbie is sticking with the normal method but either way, texting is a lot easier than it was on the old phones.

The phone comes with two cameras, a little one on the front for making video calls and a 1.3 megapixel camera on the back which takes really good photos and even has a zoom. The phone pack includes a cable for connecting to a computer and the software to handle everything. I've tried it out and managed to see piccies I took on the old phone in all their glory for the first time by transferring them to the new one via bluetooth and then on to the computer.

We've been chasing the zoo round the house trying to get some good pictures, here's one we managed to get of Lollypop.


We've not tried putting any mp3 files on the phones yet, I'm not sure how many we'd get on there, I think the memory card that came with it is 64MB so there should be room for a few. All in all we're really happy with the new phones and we're glad the weird and wacky 3 TV adverts didn't put us off


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Snowbabies said...

Copied from Haloscan:

My problem with the 3 network was that the signal was always dropping off. I was so glad to get rid of it!
Jennytc | 06.29.05 - 7:14 pm | #

Oooh, I just love gadgets..I'm only due for an upgrade NEXT August...sigh...and until I win the UK lotto, I aint going to have enough spare cash to go and buy myself a new kick ass phone. I suppose my Motorola mpx 200 isn't really that bad, I just like all the new cool phones!
Valkyrie | 06.30.05 - 8:35 pm | #