Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Relaxing Weekend

It's been a while since we've been out taking photos of anything, the last time was a few weeks ago at Cawthorne Park near Barnsley.


Last weekend we managed to escape the house buying process for a couple of days, spending Sunday at Fairburn Ings, although with the new A1 now bypassing Fairburn village, we almost never made it though all the cones following the diversion ..lol..

The lay-by was as busy as ever, thankfully with wildfowl rather than people. I've never seen as many Swans, I'm sure they almost outnumbered the Canada Geese which is a first.


Driving along we spied a Heron doing it's stalky thing in the middle of a lake so we pulled in and got a couple of lovely shots.


The Swans were soon around us when our loaf of bread appeared.


This fella was first in line, tucking into a lovely portion of Hovis.


One thing we didn't get a photo of was any butterflies, we thought there would be thousands of them around the reserve but even in the most likely spots there were hardly any.


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Great photos!! Thanks for sharing!
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