Monday, June 20, 2005

Thunder & Lighting

Yesterday afternoon we took Dad out for a Father's Day meal at a local pub hoping to escape the oppressive heat for a while but alas the pub didn't have air conditioning or any fans so we continued to melt away! The food was lovely though and was worth going through a box of napkins wiping our foreheads every two minutes By the time we'd finished and retired to the beer garden, the clouds were building and the sun took time out for while and the temperature dropped very slightly.

After dropping Dad off we headed home, it got darker and darker until the heavens opened, drenching everything with lovely cool rain giving us some much needed respite from the heat. The showers continued on and off all evening and we had some of the loudest claps of thunder we've ever witnessed. The temperature inside the house refused to budge though and we had another hot and humid night. Still, we should be thankful that we didn't get washed away like the poor folk in North Yorkshire where flash floods caused havoc yesterday.

It's much fresher this morning but the sun is out so it won't be long before everyone is melting again, thank goodness we've both got air conditioning at work!


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Snowbabies said...

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Nice that you managed to enjoy your meal despite the heat. I watched the news about Yorkshire and those poor people eh, all their belongings washed away.

I'm praying for rain here too, it's been sweltering. I got in the car yesterday and the gauge read 42C! That's the hottest I've ever known the car to be.. once I drove away it rolled down to about 36C, still hot but 'just about' bearable to drive to the shop and back
Mandy | 06.21.05 - 11:56 pm | #

Strange that isn't it, I have noticed that despite having all the doors and windows open in this heat and the temp. dropping a little's still so damn hot inside! Ugh.
gemmak | 06.22.05 - 8:47 pm | #