Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Stripping Off

Yesterday was quite manic, looking after Lollypop and getting the kitchen finished off with a couple of trips to the supermarket thrown in for good measure. Debbie’s still trying to shake off flu so rather than going out for a meal or anything for valentines, we stayed in last night and sampled a couple of bottles of wine.

Today I’m stripping the wallpaper in the bathroom and it’s proving to be much harder than I thought. We’ve got a steamer but because the walls have been skimmed it tends to fetch off the plaster as well so I’m just using a wet sponge and a blade. I’ve just about got one wall done with two more still to go so I might still be on with it tomorrow.

Lucy and Lollypop are getting on famously, at the moment they’re curled up on the sofa together, tired out after helping me in the bathroom this morning. We’ll be able to take them out for a walk next weekend and I’m dreading letting Lolly off the lead and having to shout ‘Lollypop’ across the field ..lol..


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