Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Zippy Gets All Cuddly

Debbie felt much better yesterday and we both headed off to work as usual full of beans because we're booking our holiday tonight! We're going to have a week in a caravan on the East Coast so we can take Lucy with us, the cats will be going on holiday to the cattery for a weeks pampering.

We let Zippy out of his cage as usual last night and after he'd had ten minutes sorting himself out I got him my little hand held perch which is getting to be less and less of a battle. With him close to my chest he let me stroke him for ages while Lucy sat on the stool behind me, whining and whining and whining. When the ears couldn't take any more I popped him back on top of the cage and as if like magic, we had peace and quiet again.

Eric and Toddy have been going for gold this morning, chasing each other all over the house while Misty just dozed on the sofa as usual. Lucy's been in hiding mode again, we gave her a large dog biscuit a few days ago and she keeping hiding in one place then picking it up and taking it off to a more secure location.


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