Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Coming To Terms

After a horrible day yesterday we're slowly coming to terms with what has happened. It's not just Zippy's death that we have to deal with, we've also got to make peace with our cats, Misty and Eric, while they were only doing what comes natural, it still breaks our hearts to think that they could do such a thing.

Emotions were swinging from one end of the scale to the other yesterday until last night when we accepted what we knew to be right, that the cats had only acted instinctively and that in time we'll be able to forgive them for what hey have done and forgive ourselves for not making sure that there was no possible way the cage could be opened.

As Craig & Debra from J-Birds have suggested, anyone who keeps any kind of parrot should remember that just because your precious bird has never shown any sign of trying to escape from his cage, it doesn't mean he never will and if you can open the cage, so can he.

Debbie and I would like to thank everyone for their kind wishes and support yesterday, it really did help us get through the day :-)

Debbie & Paul


Barb said...

i have been thinking about this all night. it's great that you can accept the cats' natural instincts and come to terms with it. i would think that's almost as difficult as accepting Zippy's death.

Snowbabies said...

Hi Barb

We are totally gutted about Zippy and I carnt get it out of my mind what has happened.

I dont forgive the cats, but it was me sis who explained that they are doing it from instinct, so I sort of understand it now.

I think it will be a long time before we trust them again!


Jennefer said...

Hi Debbie,

My Dad raised birds when I was young - all kids of birds. Tiny finches to African geese! We even had beautiful homing pigeons (a funny story there). In the house, we had this one warbling canary my mum bought for my dad. She was really pretty and had the most gorgeous voice. One day we arrived home to find the entire cage pulled from the ceiling, lying on the kitchen table, door open, and no canary. We searched the house and finally found our Siamese cat Ming under the bed, canary feathers sticking out of her mouth. If it wasn't so sad, it would have been comical.
Cats' natural instinct is to hunt, and as their "owners", we are foolish to believe otherwise. Cats are fiercely independent, and will pounce on any opportunity... they have this amazing patience and will wait until the most opportune moment. They are fascinating creatures.
I am so sorry you lost your bird - was it the Grey? They are amazing parrots - I feel for you both. I have wanted a Grey for years.
I cried for days over the canary, but finally forgave Ming. She was just doing what came naturally. It wasn't her fault.
Forgive your kitties too. They still need your love.
Take care~ Jennefer