Friday, February 04, 2005

Morse Code

Debbie was looking at changing the background on her blog last night, I know some people seem to change their layout almost on a daily basis but it seems when we try, we always seem to hit trouble. We tried a few different patterns and colours but nothing came close to looking as good as the existing design so we've decided to leave it alone for now.

This morning, while eating our toast, we were both watching the usual mornings entertainment, Eric racing around like a kitten possessed, when for some reason he decided to leap on top of the TV. Unfortunately, he was travelling as such a speed, despite paws and claws being a blur as he tried to get some grip, he couldn't stop himself from falling off the other side! He landed on some tall grass effect thing we've got behind there which broke his fall and he appeared from under the DVD rack, unscathed but looking a little bit dazed and embarrassed.

Another trick Eric has learnt this week is that if he jumps on to the TV and manages to stay on it, he can reach up and switch the wall light on and off. The folks across the road must thing we're sending Morse code signals every evening!


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