Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Fields Of White

We actually got some more work done on the house last night, filling in the holes in the bathroom walls where we had pulled out screw plugs and finished off sealing the bath. We had a little more snow during the evening and a little more overnight.

This morning, it's been snowing almost non stop since we got up at 6am :-) The main roads are clear but the side roads are a little bit tricky today and the countryside around us look beautiful :-) We're hoping there is still some snow around when we get home tonight so Lollypop can have his first encounter with proper snow!

Debbie has got to work safely and should be ok for the return journey as the main road from Sheffield will be gritted well. The only problem would be if we had really heavy snow and traffic becomes slow moving or stationary, then the gritters can't get through and the fun and games start.


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