Thursday, February 17, 2005

Kit Kat Day

Have a break, have a kit kat, that’s what I’m doing today after Debbie suggested giving the muscles a rest before cracking on with the bathroom again tomorrow.

Last night we gave Dad a lift over to my Brother’s to take his birthday pressies. It’s the longest Lollypop has been left and we were delighted to see both Lolly and Lucy safe and sound when we got home. We kept the cats separate in another room which will the norm now until Lolly gets a little bigger.

Lucy’s been crashed out on the sofa all morning but Lolly is full of beans and is wanting to play, she doesn’t look impressed at the little bundle of fun jumping all over her. Thankfully, Lucy is so laid back, she just takes all the harassment with a pinch of salt and just goes back to sleep.

Over the years we’ve tried to introduce a second dog but they’ve always been that little bit older and have ended up with fighting over toys and food with Lucy loosing out being so timid, so we’ve been overjoyed that sharing has not been a problem with Lolly.

If we give them chew stick each they both still want the same one but Lucy will take the first bite, then Lolly will pinch it and take a bit and Lucy has another go and so on but neither has ever growled or snapped which was always a problem before.

I had them with me in the bathroom the other day while I was getting on with the stripping and had to laugh when I saw this old flannel being dragged one way and then the other in a highly comical tug o war contest!


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