Monday, February 07, 2005

Gloomy Weather

The weather has been miserable all weekend, not sunny, not raining, not that cold, just plain old dull so we dropped plans to go out for the day on Sunday. With Debbie working on Saturday I actually got round to fixing the bath, the seal round the side was leaking but now after ripping it all out and filling it from scratch it's like new again. When Debbie got home from work we went out for a bit of shopping before getting ready to go out for the evening.

Our friends picked us up and drove us down to a local pub that does rather good meals and just as we remembered from last time, the food was excellent as was the John Smiths Cask which was going down a treat. It wasn't the best night out we've ever had, I think we're overdoing the going out thing, twice a year is usually enough for us and lately it's been a couple of times a month.

We didn't get up until quite late on Sunday but we still managed to get out in time to check out a hobby shop near Meadow Hall. Debbie was looking for a scrapbook but didn't find anything suitable. We tried at the warehouse but they had nothing either but we did pick up a new hoover to help us in the never ending battle against cat hair

After a quick brew, we bundled Lucy into the car and went for a walk round Worsborough County Park to get some more pictures of the ducks and birds, the light wasn't helping though being late in the afternoon and dull as it had been all day.

In the evening we settled down to parts two and three of Harry Potter which we've not seen before having being a bit disappointed with the first one but there does seem to be a bit more action in the second two and we found them much more entertaining.


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