Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Wedding Rehearsal

Only four days to our wedding now including today and it can’t come soon enough, neither of us can think straight at the moment and it’s only going to get worse before the big day!

Yesterday was quite eventful and by the evening I was ready for the men in white coats to take me away….

First stop was the barber shop to get the rug on my head sorted out after growing it from a number one shave for three months. When I got the shop it was shut, possibly closed down, all was not lost though, I got in at another place I’ve been too before and I’m now looking more like a Groom than Gromit ..lol..

Getting back to my car, I thought to myself, it’s a bit dirty and when I went to open the door noticed scratches all down the edge, anyway I put the key in and it didn’t open, I must not have locked it. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a child seat in the back…… not my car!

I called in at Dad’s to drop off their Christmas cards and I ended up coming away with some early wedding presents, one was quite large so I had to put the back seat down, putting paid to my plan to call at the supermarket on the way home. Instead I had to go and drop everything off at home and then come back again for the shopping.

With the basket full of vegetables and salad, I waddled over to the checkout only to be greeted by the festive “sorry I’m closing” message and moving on to the next checkout got the same response. Third time was lucky but by that time I was getting a twinge with holding that heavy basket for so long.

Back home, I got on with a few jobs and then got the tea on in time for Debbie coming home from work. I noticed the wedding presents still on the sofa so I took them upstairs, then on the way back down I slipped on the last step and jolted my back. My “bit of a twinge” had turned into “chuff me, that smarts a bit”. So there I was in the middle of the kitchen, laughing my head off and making it worse while Lucy sat in her bed, looking at me and shaking her head.

Debbie got home had a sore shoulder to match my back, after a little bit of tea we hobbled off together to the wedding rehearsal. My Brother and his wife were waiting for us and we all walked in together. The church is lovely inside, the flowers and decorations the Vicar’s wife is doing for us look beautiful.

We stated running through the ceremony but we had to stop three times because the Vicar had lost the plot, he finally said, “lets start again” and explained that they just had a phone call on the way out to confirm they are going to America next year for three months on an exchange and they we’re both still thinking about that.

So, we started again and this time got through it all, although some of the steps seem a bit complicated and at the end we are doing a lap of the church. It has two isles and with it being dark, we’ll be going up one isle and down the other posing for photos. The Vicar suggested a slow march step but the isles are a little narrow and when we both got to the pause bit we started keeling over! It will be cool on the day, we’ll do the Snowbabies shuffle or something ..lol...

Back home it seemed like the rest of the world was trying to get in touch with us and Debbie spent about two hours on the phone speaking to family and friends while we knocked back a few large ones!



gemmak said...

Rofl @ 'the Snowbabies shuffle'! heh.....hope all goes well, it looks like you might get snow too!!!! :o)

gemmak said...

Good luck and let me be the first to congratulate you for tomorrow, Mr & Mrs Snowbabies! I hope you have a fantastic day and a long and happy life together.

Here's wishing you snow on Saturday! :o) xx