Sunday, December 12, 2004

PJ Day

Debbie was working yesterday morning so I got to work sorting out the back garden after piling everything up for the new wall to be built. It took two trips to the tip to get all the rubbish out of the way, most of it from the attic bedroom last week. I think the whole town were doing a pre Christmas clearout as they were queueing to get in when I got there.

Debbie arrived home at lunch time and was rather pleased not having to tackle the obstacle course any more! We were going to have a chilled afternoon but we had to go and order the button holes for the wedding as we had forgotten them. Next we called in to see the Vicar to give them some money for the flowers in the church and then we went of to the supermarket for a few bits and pieces and yet more booze!

After that we called in at the bargain food shop and got loads more meat and stuff and I just kept out of the way when we got home and watched Debbie get everything in the freezer, amazingly, without the aid of a crow bar!

With us running a little bit late, instead of watching our new DVD’s we watched The X Factor, only to see our favourite, G4 be beaten by a pub singer, definitely a fix that one!

So, we switched it off and watched one of our new films, Santa Who starring Leslie Nielson and it was very enjoyable film in a ho ho ho sort of way.

Today we are having a PJ day which basically means doing nothing at all but lazing on the sofa watching film after film. We’ve had breakfast and I’m already on my second coffee, probably because I’m putting a brandy tipple in mine and topping it with squirty cream!


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