Thursday, December 09, 2004

Superstar Eric

We had another shopping trip last night at JTF in Sheffiled, we picked up some hangers for the our new tree decorations and a few other bits and pieces but didn’t spend as much as we usually do in there.

On the way home we called in at Meadowhall and to our surprise it wasn’t all that busy. After some much needed food in the Oasis we popped upstairs to get some timers for the tree lights. We also got a new memory card for each of the two cameras, so we’ll be able to bring back almost five thousand pictures!

Today Eric has been the vets for castration, I don’t think it’s what he’s written to Santa for but it has to be done.

After leaving Eric behind in safe hands, I was busy writing Christmas cards, then finished decorating the tree and finally sorted out Zippy’s cage because he’s a right messy bugger!

I picked Eric back up late in the afternoon, all the staff at the vets have fallen in love with him, apparently he’s been as good as gold but he’s been into everything He was meowing all the way home and couldn’t wait to say hello to Lucy, Misty and Toddy.

When we got home, I realised I’d thrown out all the cats bowls because Lucy had chewed them to death, so I had to race round to the pet shop for some new ones. As well as the bowls, I also picked up a couple of new toys for Zippy and some little woollen balls for the cats, one of which Lucy has already pulled to bits!

Debbie will be home soon, so it’s time to get the tea on, something simple I think, that I can’t bugger up!


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