Monday, December 06, 2004

Getting Into The Festive Mood

It's been another fun packed weekend, on Friday night we went out for a meal with Debbie's boss and his wife. As I was locking up, on the way out to the car, Debbie let out a scream and when I turned round, she had put her foot in the concrete footings for the new wall! We had to run back inside to wash the concrete of her boot!

We arrived at Sir Jacks and our friends arrived just as we were getting out of the car. The food wasn't anything special but we did get some free drinks after waiting about fifteen minutes for our food. It's the company you keep that makes the night and we had a great time! We didn't stop giggling and laughing all night and by the time we left, Debbie's jaw was aching her make-up had gone from wiping away the tears of laughter!

On Saturday we went over to Castleton, with a view to seeing the Christmas lights but we got there a bit early so instead we just had a walk round the shops there. I bought Debbie a beautiful Blue John ring which she loves to bit's and I know she's hoping Santa will be bringing more little boxes containing gold and Blue John.

We were going to have a chill out day on Sunday but we needed to go out and get a few things for this week so ended up shopping until early afternoon. When we got back, it was my turn to make dinner, I put the meat in the oven but I'm afraid that's as much as I got around to doing. We were busy putting up out Christmas lights and Debbie ended up sorting out the dinner while I tackled the knots in all the cables with the best part of a bottle of Cherry Brandy to keep things moving!

After dinner we started on the tree, I got all the lights on then we decided that it looked daft and took them all off again before putting them back on properly. With the lights in place, we started with the decorations but by this time we were flagging and little, we did get most of them on but we've still got a few new decorations that we haven't got hangers for so I'll have to nip out and pick some up from somewhere.

It's Monday morning again, only one more Monday morning before our wedding now and as I write this there are just 11 days, 15 hours and 32 minutes to go!


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