Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Cats & Boxes

The cats are having a field day with all the empty decorations boxes in the living room, Misty seems to be feeling much better now, jumping in and out of the tree box and fending off of the other two fruitcakes but still spends most of the time curled up on the chair watching Toddy and Eric race around causing mayhem. We were wondering if Eric would take a fancy to the Christmas tree but just like Misty and Toddy, he's never bothered with it at all.

I'm sure the vet will say that after Eric has his operation he might be a bit quiet for a few days, but we've been through this with Misty and Toddy and we're not falling for that one. I can remember bringing Misty home from the vets and gingerly putting the carry cage on the floor and carefully opening the door, then a black and white furball race past me and straight up the living room door!

Debbie and I spent half of last night hunting for a timer for the Christmas lights but it gone into hiding, disappeared down the Snowbabies black hole. We'll go and get a couple of new ones later in the week, along with some hangers so we can put the rest of the decorations on the tree. Apart from the lights in the window, the tree, the singing dancing snowman and reindeer and candles in front of the fire, we've not put up many other decorations, but fear not, by the end of this week, our front room will be looking like Santa's Grotto!


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