Friday, December 03, 2004

Manic Morning

I got home last night to find the entire wall gone, I got to our gate and was just about to reach round to take the chain off and thought..... durrrr, just walk round it! Debbie was waiting inside, having had a bit of a shitty day at work, was ready for some therapeutic shopping. So off we went to the local bargain food shop and got stocked up with all sorts of frozen and not so frozen goodies.

Taking Lucy out now is a bit of a pain as she has to be on the lead with the wall gone and instead of getting on with the job in hand, just prances up and down the garden looking at next door. I wouldn't mind but last night it was freezing and after 10 minutes waiting, the teeth were starting to chatter. Hopefully they'll start at the house end with the new wall today and get that high enough to let Lucy can go off the lead again.

This morning has been quite eventful, I took Lucy out for another session of prancing about and not a lot else, I could hear something that could have been dripping water or it could have been a crackling fire. I'd convinced myself it was water but after a while could see a glow behind the garages, so I took Lucy back in, raced upstairs, past a perplexed Debbie and up into the attic to look through the window up there... Nothing, no crackling and no glowing.... it's official, I've lost it, gone completely mad!

Back downstairs, I changed the litter and Toddy was first in, could wait for the top to be put back on, then Misty went in and after a few seconds started screaming. He came out, still screaming and we followed him about to check he was OK. He usually just flops anywhere he likes but he couldn't get comfy anywhere and was growling and hissing if anyone went near him. It was looking like a trip to the vets but after half an hour, he calmed down and got settled on the computer chair, then when it was time for us to leave I picked him up and he seemed fine.

So the vet trip is cancelled but we'll be keeping an eye on him for a while just to make sure he's still OK. Eric on the other hand, has a wonderful Christmas surprise coming, he's booked in at the vets next week for neutering!



JustSue said...

Merry Christmas poor Eric! lol

Cheryl said...

I'm not so sure that Eric will see his neutering in the holiday way as you do..tee hee. I'm just waiting to see how my new ones do with the Christmas tree. I had them fixed last month, and I was hoping it would calm them down.