Monday, March 06, 2006

Yet More Surprise Snow

You just can't beat British weather, especially the Met Office! They've were spot on all week forecasting snow all around us, until that is, Friday evening when we had a couple of hours of heavy snow, followed by some more flurries on Saturday night and a very light dusting last night, not that we're complaining!

The logs at the top of the garden looked great after Saturday nights unexpected dusting.


Sasha and Lucy were outing hunting snowballs that I'd been throwing over the weekend, not many to be found though because Lollypop caught and ate most of them lol.


The sunset on Sunday night was lovely, definitely worth hoping about in our frosty garden and then steaming up when I got back inside.


I thought this was cool, a single jet trail lit by the setting sun with black clouds in the distance promising another dusting of snow.


I just had to get a shot of this in the early hours, any ideas what it is?




Sarah said...

awww I was so gutted travel all the way to the borders of Scotland for a hol in feb and you expect some snow. But hey nothing. Meantime back home in Wales they get heaps.

Then the minute I leave Scotland it starts snowing and by the time I am back in Wales its all melted.

Sods law :(

dreaming-neko said...

great pics, man :)

Jennifer said...

I love the pics of the sunset.. The mystery photo looks like frost to me. Am I right?

I seriously think the UK got more snow this year then us here in Canada ( well my part of Canada anyway)

Valkyrie said...

Say are you in N Yorkshire or regular Yorkshire? I know you said, but I can't remember...My hubby grew up in N Yorkshire.

Snowbabies said...

We're in plain old South Yorkshire lol.