Sunday, March 05, 2006

More Surprise Snow!

It wasn’t forecast so we weren’t expecting it to start snowing as we left work on Friday. It came down really heavy for a couple hours leaving about an inch of snow. The fields and trees looked beautiful on the way home, just like they’d been sprinkled with icing sugar.

I wish we could have got more pictures but we had to get the shopping home and feed the hungry zoo. Here’s a few shots we did manage to get.









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Anonymous said...

Hello there, we were in Yorkshire again a few weeks ago and luckily didn't see much of snow at that time. I'm really up to my ears of that white stuff now because we'v had lots of it this winter in Finland. One day I even got to work by ski'ing, now that was a laugh! Nice blog you'v got with exellend pictures. Greetings, Harri