Sunday, March 12, 2006

Non Stop Snow

It’s been snowing here all day, although with the size of the flakes, we’ve still only got about an inch of snow on the ground. Still, it’s been nice to have falling snow to watch through the window while we stay nice and warm inside.

Debbie had to be quick to get this paw print before it was obliterated by thousands of others!


The heather we planted a few weeks ago was in danger of being buried under a two inch snow drift.


Lucy likes to stand with her head facing the wind even with the temperature still below freezing, rather her than me!


The colours of these new flowers look almost pastel through the snow.


Sasha loves racing about in the snow, I should try and get an action shot but if panned the camera that quick today, I’d have slipped and ended up on my arse!




Jennifer said...

haha that's what my backyard is suppose to look like right now. Instead we had a boomer of a thunderstorm last night, and it's 8C :)

Did you ever say what that mystery photo was?

Sarah said...

Not a flake here in South Wales - devestated

Anonymous said...

Hello Yorkshire.
We had a nice winter weekend here in Finland. Thick layers of snow all over the country and everybody was out ski'ing, iceskating or just walking in the sunshine. Although the nights and mornings are still very cold (-15C), the day temperatures are now finally getting around 0C.
Our two Lancashire Heelers are really waiting for warmer days to get more execercise outdoors.
Greetings Harri.