Thursday, March 30, 2006

New Website

We've been busy bunnies over the last few days, working on a new project - our new website!

Recently we've noticed that our Flickr page has been eating our photos, showing only the last 200 pictures we've posted. I managed to recover most of the missing photos and we've put together a new photo album which will eventually show all the pictures we've ever posted. We're currently up to August last year, it's going to take some time to get the whole album up to date.

Our new Google website will soon also feature details about our wedding, a new wedding album, information and pictures of our animals, details on places we go for days out and much more once we've got that little lot sorted out!



Kerry said...

Your new website is looking great - keep up the good work!

Shannon said...

The new site is looking good. Keep up the good work!

I hate how Flickr will only show your 200 most recent photos unless you go 'Pro'. I've started writing down the URL of each photo page so I don't lose 'em when they scroll off. We'll see how well that works! :)