Thursday, March 16, 2006

Magic Snow

We had loads of snow from 8.30am to 11am this morning, it settled on the grass and trees but by 11.30 it was gone! I’ve never known so much snow to melt as fast! Must have been that special Houdini Snow!

So, with no snowy scenes to post, here’s a couple of pictures Debbie took on Sunday…..


Lucy watching telly from the comfort of the duvet on the sofa.


Lucy adopting the old ‘stop mucking about and stroke my belly’ pose.


Two of our four angel fish, I’ve tried and tried to get a shot of these before but I always end up with a blurred photo. I should get some lessons from the expert!



Valkyrie said...

Do you know where Ashton-in- Makerfield is? The Haydock Racecourse is there - my hubby is a Brit raised Scot - and he can't tell me...? Do y'know? Basically I want to know where the Robinsons Country/Leisure super store is...I know it's off the M6(?) just after the Manchester turnoff...

frost said...

aww you have a cute dog there!!! I do like her stop mucking with me and stroke my belly pose, i think everyone should have one of them