Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cat Dies From Bird Flu

Rather worrying news today is that a European cat has died from bird flu and it's certainly got our attention. We've not been that fussed about bird flu sweeping across the world, given that if you don't muck about with an infected bird, you can't catch it. What this news item from the BBC has made us realize is that it's not impossible for a diseased bird to be grounded locally at some point and if Misty, Toddy or Eric get hold of it then surely it could be curtains for them and quite possibly for us too.


Maybe we're worrying too much and normally we don't take too much notice of these scare stories but it's definitely given us something to think about. That said, I would have thought that other counties would be experiencing a problem with the disease spreading though their cat and dog population, so if it were a risk, surely the problem would have shown itself by now.

What do we do, can we risk letting the cats out or do we play it safe?



Cheryl said...

I hadn't heard that, but it sure does give you something to think about.....

Carmen said...

Is that one of your cats? it looks exactly like my cat, Pooh Bear! I always have such a hard time finding "cat things" that look like him!

It's a hard choice, I know i'm an overly protective animal mom. :)