Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Waiting For Spring

We've got most of the pictures loaded into our photo album on our new website, just February and March left to do now, then we can start with the creative fun stuff. We're looking forward to putting the wedding album together, the one on the old website wasn't all that cleaver of often refused to open.

We've also added a new guestbook, we had to remove the one from this blog a while ago when the spamming got totaly out of control, hopeully this one will remain spam free.

The number one job at the moment, aside from the website, is the garden and it's been so frustrating lately with it being too damp at the weekend to get anything done even though there's a water shortage a couple of hundred miles further south! We have made some progress though, we've got loads of stuff planted in the greenhouse and we've got some more flowers in the borders.

One thing we're not short of in the garden is wall flowers, the garden wall and path is covered with them and we've got a few in the garden itself. Debbie has relocated a few of these and placed them round the tree stump and they look fabulous.

We're hoping to get the soil turned over for the lawn this weekend but the weather forecast isn't great, looks like we're going to have to wait a little bit longer for spring to arrive. We desperately want to get the grass seed down but we need to be frost free before we can do that and we had quite a hard frost only this morning.

Hopefully by Easter weekend the weather will have warmed up a little and we'll be able to get cracking.


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