Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sewing Yer Wild Oats

Well, not oats actually but grass seed! Yes, despite bank holiday weather of old, this year the weather actually picked up for the duration of the holiday and the soil was perfect for turning. We got everything turned over and raked on Friday then on Saturday we finally got the grass seed down. With four bags of Canadian grass seed, we thought we would have enough to do the garden twice over but we only managed to get the lawns themselves covered.

As well as the grass seed, we've sewn a whole load of mixed wild flower seed on one side of the lawn, while on the other side we're sticking with mostly roses. With any luck, our wild border will become a haven for bees and butterflies come summer. We picked up a load more bedding plants on Sunday which have added a little bit more colour to the garden. We also got the bricks from one side of the lawn removed and the roses border raked in preparation for our cunning plan....

On Monday we managed to get two more bags of Canadian grass seed from Argos of all places and then we had to rush off to PC World to help Dad choose a computer. This turned into a right old farce with things being part of the package and then suddenly not included. We got there in the end though and Dad will be let loose on a computer very soon.... we're expecting one or too phone calls lol.

In the afternoon, I executed our cunning plan, sewing grass seed on the roses border. The plan is to let it grow and then cut circles or squares out round the roses, this should protect the border from unruly dogs and make it much easier to manage. All we need now is plenty of sunshine and showers to get things moving then the current mud bath should be replaced by lovely green grass in a couple of weeks time.



Jennyta said...

Sounds good. Piccies please - before and after?

Snowbabies said...

We took some before, during and after piccies, we've just not had chance to load them yet, we'll try and get them loaded this week while we're waiting for the grass to grow lol.