Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Buds In The Garden

Our website photo album is now up to date, it's been quite a marathon getting all the pictures on there but it's been worth it to make sure they're always available to view. Now we can start creating more new pages and post just a little bit more often on here!

We had a busy weekend with Debbie's Sister and family coming over on Saturday and Dad coming over on Sunday. It's just as well we had guests and had already abandoned the idea of doing any gardening as we had rain, hail, sleet, snow and frost.

The garden is starting to spring into life though, the unseasonable weather doesn't seem to be affecting the daffodils too much and other flowers around the garden are now staring to bud after their winter break. Lets just hope the weather picks up for the Easter break and just maybe, we'll get the new lawns down before September!


Daffodils doing well in the garden.


Lucy being nosey.


Snow falling on Sunday afternoon.


Sasha, Lucy and Lollypop flat out after all the excitement of visitors.


Lucy playing with her toy in the late afternoon sunshine.


Sunset on Sunday.


The beams of red light were quite unusual.


1 comment:

Jennyta said...

Lovely photos. I think it's all Paul's wishes for snow that is the cause of the 'unseaonable weather'! It's all your fault! ;)