Thursday, May 28, 2009

West Midlands Safari Park

Yesterday we had a day out at West Midlands Safari Park, we only found out about it after seeing on TV last weekend and we're glad we did. With Debbie not being the worlds best at map reader, she drove all the way there and back while I navigated with a good old fashioned road atlas and Google Maps to check we were where we thought we were. It was a marathon drive down the motorway network round Birmingham but well worth it when we got there.

The only disappointments were the Sea Lion show which was hard to photograph with too many obstacle's in the way and not much content, plus the Giraffes appeared to be living in slum conditions. The rest of the place was fantastic though, it took us well over 2 hours to get round the safari drive the first time round with so much to see.

Debbie took the wheel for the first drive round while I jumped from front seat to back seat in the quest for a great shot..

White Tiger

White Rhinoceros

White Rhinoceros

White Lioness

White Lioness


White Tiger

Asian Buffalo

North American Wolf

For the second drive round I took the wheel while Debbie really got to grips with her new camera as you can see with the shots below..

Fur Sea Lion

Californian Sea Lion

Amur Leopard

North Americal Wolves


White Tiger

White Tiger

African Lioness

African Lions

White Lionesses

Burchell's Zebra

African Elephant

With me driving and a White Lion being a little too far away, Debbie even got a shot with my huge 500m lens..

White Lion

Today had been designated 'sofa day' as we're both just too tired to do anything. Tomorrow we're back on the road again!



Marka said...

Excellent photographs! Me wonders whether the fawn realizes he's been tagged, and if so, how he feels about it.

Tony said...

wow what a great set of pics... looks like the drive and trip was well worth it... looking forward to the products of your next trip out

Jennyta said...

A map??? With your IT expertise and enthusiasm, I thought you would have had GPS. ;)
Great photos, btw.