Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flowers, Sunsets & Butterflies

We had a little bit of a chillout day on Thursday, or that was the plan but we couldn't resist going to the garden centre for some butterfly friendly flowers, Buddleia, Lupin & Cowslip. We've been that busy, we haven't chance to plant these out, that's a job for tomorrow.

The flowers we've already planted are doing well, like the Viola and Aqualigia below.

Pink Aqualigia

Viola (Elaine Quin)

While Debbie was taking pictures of the flowers on Thursday evening, the sky slowly turned from blue to red and as the moon moved in for the night.

Moon At Sunset


On Friday we headed of to Spurn Point on the East coast, the least said about this the better but if you must have the gory details, see them here. Just a couple of pictures by Debbie before we were chased off by the little hairy monsters.

Common Blue

Shore Plants

The one good thing to come out of the Spurn visit was that we ended up at the North Landing at Flamborough head and this place is beautiful. The high cliffs are alive with sea birds, Swallows skim the lush green grass and Sand Martins ride the sandy coves like skateboarders with wings.

Debbie snapped away the whole time we were there but many of the seabirds were just out of reach of the 200mm lens, including the Puffins which we both saw for the very first time. Flowers and butterflies, Debbie's passion, were made for the little lens and there were photo opportunities for those too.

Red Admiral

Red Admiral



Debbie did get some nice shots of the Puffins, one of which I've posted at Little Brown Job. Bird watching is quickly climbing up her favorites things to do list, almost as fast as Twitter, another twittering twitcher in the making ;-)


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