Monday, May 11, 2009

Walk in the Country Side

My, my its been busy weekend again, out on the bikes Saturday and then a walk with Lucylu yesterday and of course me camera to hand as always.

Here are some piccies taken at one of our favourite places Worsborough Country Park, I have dabbled a bit in Black n White just to see if any turned out OK, judge for yourselves :o)

Hedrow flowers

Ickle Flower

Black n White

Black n White footpath


Black n White Sugar Stealer

Black n White footpath

Update on our new glasses, pick my normal ones and Paul's up on Saturday, can not get use to Paul's, he has gone for something totally different and then me prescription sunglasses were ready today, drove home with them on, what a difference.

Think some of the comments Paul got at work today was funny, the best one was "your only suppose to blow the bloody doors off" think you will get it from



Tony said...

Lovely collection... b/w look almost snowlike...

Kelly said...

Wow! These are all gorgeous. The last photo feels like an antique beautiful. The dandelion is very pretty...the flower above, such intense yellow!