Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hot Sunny Birthday

I thought I was in trouble last night, Debbie tried out her birthday present (a day early) and wasn't happy at all that the Canon EOS D1000D only allows live view to be used in the 'farting about' modes. I managed to get it working on aperture priority but it was still a bit of a let down.

This morning, Debbie forgot about live view and got stuck in using the viewfinder. All I could hear from the living room was a machine gun type sound coming from the kitchen as she rattled off over 200 pictures!


Bathing Starling

We've had another busy day, more shopping, getting the second part of Debbie's birthday present, an 18-200mm lens for her new camera. It's the same lens I use on my Nikon and is just right for carrying about everywhere.

Also on the shopping list was a new lawn mower, we've got this terrible habit of killing them, one last year and two this year! We took it in turns to drag the heavy mower through Meadowhall back to the car. After that we called at Dad's for a coffee and more cards and gifts.

Then finally it was feet up time in the garden, soaking up the sun, drinking ice cold larger and watching the birds.

Purple Flower

Purple Flowers


Baby Starling

Baby Starling

Coming In To Land

All images are courtesy of the birthday girl, all the action happened while I was busy this morning and while feeding Lucy this afternoon lol.



Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like your new camera takes wonderful photos. Love the photo of Lucy, and the birds in the bath.

Jennyta said...

Love the photos. Debbie, especially the last one.