Sunday, May 03, 2009

Debbie Update

Right, lets see whats been going on in me ickle world, gosh its been a while!!

Work, work and more work, but Ive got me new staff now, so me hours should decline now and hopefully reach something like a normal working week.

We have started back on the bikes, Paul was not over impressed with his old one and wanted to start going to work by bike, hence a trip to Halfords for the best on/off road bike he could find, when I asked has u got any idea what u want, the reply was NO, get in the shop and off he went with the assistant and came back with Carrera Subway One, little bugger had done all his

I had me mountain bike and was quite happy till last Thursday nite, we set off on on a ride and I was doing really well, only problem is the bike is quite heavy and going up hills is a proper struggle, I managed to get up this steep hill without getting off and pushing and was all excited that I'd done so well, then noticed the gate post coming at me, next I'm in the brambles with the bike on top of me!!

I was trying to get up, when Paul came round the corner and seeing me in 3 foot of brambles, decided to be the hero and jumps in the middle not knowing this would make all the thorns dig in to my arm, back and leg even more.

Luckily we were only a mile from home, so off we set with blood pumping out of me arm, when we got home Paul had to twizer all the thorns out and I had a nice hot shower got the rest out. Hence a trip back to Halfords for a new lighter bike for me, its an Apollo CX.10s.

Only been out on the new bike once, did just short of 8 miles and it was a dream to ride, glad Paul twisted my poorly arm.

Last week I had all intentions of going for a ride after work, but by time I was home the tiredness had already set in!!

Friday nite came, shopping as usual, but now I can go on my way home from work as Paul does not need a lift anymore. Fatal mistake though this Friday, got in unpacked all the shopping and stood in the kitchen telling Paul all about me day and before we knew it 8pm had come, no food in tummy but lots of Vodka and coke, yikes, Paul passed out before 9pm.

Saturday morning came and so did the hangover, but we had an eye test book, plenty of coffee and scrambled egg before we set off, eye test done, my sight has gone worse, which I though would be the case due to headaches, but at least Paul's is the same, even so, he did order new glasses as he knew the current ones would not last another two years till the next eye test, would not mind but his one pair cost more than me two pairs!!

Last nite I was a very good girl and only drank orange juice, so now I feel lovely jubley and ready for todays bike ride!!

Till next time........


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