Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eurovision & Spring Colour

We had a great night yesterday following Eurovision on TV and Twitter at the same time, it was real boon tweeting comments on each act as we sat and endured them. I did start off trying to follow #eurovision on Tweet Deck but soon there were something like a thousand tweets a minute and it just ground to a halt. We both ended up using the basic Twitter page, me on the laptop and Debbie on the netbook which saw us through to the bitter end. It wasn't the same without Terry Wogan but some the of the tweets coming in from our followers made up for the missing quips.

Getting moving this morning was a bit of a struggle, didn't have a massive amount to drink (ahem, I may have had a couple more than I should have) but just stopping up past 11pm seems to do us both in these days. With the weather being rubbish we went over to the garden centre and got yet more flowers, a realy cool looking spruce, more bird feeders and a stone bird bath.

The bird bath is now in the middle of the lawn, no customers as yet, not with all this rain, although it did stop just long enough for us to get everything planted. It's been raining on and off since so we've not got any pictures from today but here's a few Debbie got yesterday.

Springtime In Our Garden

Springtime In Our Garden

Springtime In Our Garden

Springtime In Our Garden

Springtime In Our Garden

Just about to have some tea which Debbie is making while I write this post and then it's feet up time for the eveing and maybe just a little light surfing on the mobiles.



Jennyta said...

I love your photos, Debbie and I sympathise with the 'past 11 o'clock' syndrome, Paul! ;)I thought Iceland's was the best, by far.

Kelly said... the intense blue of that last flower! Very cool...

Marka said...

Beautiful colors! I like the perspective in the flower pictures.