Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Under The Weather

It was a dreadful weekend weather wise, dark and murky with drizzle the whole time but perfect weather for staying in and spending time with our almost 10 week old puppy Sasha She's coming on in leaps and bounds, racing about everywhere with Lolly, although her preferred method of engagement is an ambush, usually from under the coffee table.

One thing we have noticed over the weekend is that Lollypop seems to have aged a little, he's still clinging on to nutter status but he's definitely calmed down a lot with the arrival of Sasha. He was off colour on Saturday night and Sunday morning but he soon bounced back to life.

We had to take Lucy to the vets on Saturday, she's got an ear infection, not very common in the winter months apparently but the vet said he'd seen quite a few dogs with this complaint over the last week or so. She's got some drops and tablets to take and should be fine in a few days.

We've not had chance to post much lately, not just because we've been taking Sasha outside every ten minutes but also because we've been busy watching Soapstar Superstar and Celebrity Big Brother. There are definitely more celebs in Superstar, Big Brother seems to consist of a who's who of who the 'eck are you! Still, even though the celeb status might be stretched a bit, they're all fruit cakes which seems to be a prerequisite for appearing on the show.


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