Monday, January 23, 2006

Sasha's First Walk

We had a friend stay over on Friday night and despite the usual tipples plus the sampling of Sambuca, we surfaced early on Saturday for a shopping trip in and around town. Debbie got a few goodies for the house and I spent my Birthday money on a DVD re-writer and Donkey King Country 3 for the Game Boy. During a very chilled afternoon we watched Batman Begins which was fantastic, we're going to have to get up to date with the film watching, we've not been to Blockbusters for 6 months!

On Sunday, we finally got to take Sasha out for her first walk, just around the village and over the field. She did really well despite Lolly getting everyone in a tangle every 10 seconds! We spent so much time untangling, we hardly had chance to take any pictures.


Back at the ranch, the three of them collapsed on the sofa for a couple of hours and after a bite to eat, so did we.





JustSue said...

OMG they are adoreable! Glad that first walk went well! Are you planning obedience classes?

Chrissy said...

Those are the cutest pictures.....

gemmak said...

OMG...a new dog? How did I miss that!?

As ever, fab pics :o)