Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ready To Face The World

I booked the day off work yesterday to take Sasha to the vets for her second injection, all was going well through the day until after having lunch with Debbie, I checked the appointment time. It was for 3pm as we thought but for Tuesday the 10th, not Wednesday the 11th! When we picked Sasha up a couple of weeks ago, they did say Wednesday I'm sure but then wrote down the 10th on the papers, which we should have checked really.

A quick call to our usual vets resulted in an appointment straight away, Sasha was duly vaccinated early in the afternoon and will be ready to face the world on Sunday. She was a little off colour after the ordeal when we got home, probably just grumpy at being locked in a cage for the journey rather than the injection itself.

We're looking forward to a quick stroll round the local park on Sunday, it's going to be interesting learning how to walk three dogs on two leads!



Jennifer said...

Hope she's feeling better very soon.

The weather here has been unbelievable! I have never ever ever seen a winter this warm. I have not worn a coat since before Christmas. I don't know where my winter coat or my boots even are! The temperature has been in the postives and there is no snow to be found!

Snowbabies said...

No sign of any snow at all here but still hoping for some in the coming weeks :-)