Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Leave The Circus Alone

Lollypop was feeling much better last night so a trip to the vet is on hold for the moment, we'll see how he gets on today, he's still not one hundred percent but it was nice to see him jumping around again.

This morning on GMTV, they were highlighting the issue of animals performing in a circus. Now there isn't usually anything in the news that we care that much about but where animals are concerned we do have an opinion.

We feel that these animals that have been bourne into circus life should be left right where they are, it's not ideal by any stretch of the imagination but by all accounts, they do seem to be well cared for. I'm sure that we, as an animal loving nation have some of the tightest regulations in the world and as long as these regulations are being met, what is the problem?

What does rile us is the fact that so much effort has been put into highlighting this when efforts could have been better spent on looking after the welfare of the thousands of pets in the country that are being abandoned, starved, beaten, burnt, poisoned, made to fight, drowned, hanged, mutilated, tortured, stabbed and shot at!



bailey said...

Im allways glad to see people interested in circus,
Circus elephants and animals are happy in what they do.
There are only 5 circuses left in the uk and the numbers are dropping
Circus animals must stay with the circus
Keep surporting animal circus

WendyWings said...

Surfed her through blogclicker today but just wanted to say I agree with your thoughts on this. Animal rights activists often seem to focus on special high profile groups and neglect the "masses" of other animals that are being harmed and neglected.