Monday, January 16, 2006

Still Unpacking

Five months after moving in to our new home, we actually got round to unpacking some more boxes on Saturday. The first job was to get some of the boxes into the loft so we could actually get into the spare bedroom so we could actually see the bed. We got a few more things put away but there's still loads more to do. While rummaging around we found the cables to connect the video camera to the DVD recorder so we've been able to get our Christmas footage stored away. Now it's so easy to record from the camera we might just use it more than once a year lol.

We never made it out with the dogs on Sunday, Dad came round for dinner and we spent most of the morning cooking and cleaning. Does playing Star Wars Battlefront for two hours count as cleaning? I did blow the dust of the Playstation which I haven't touched since moving. We'll have to wait until next weekend to take the dogs out in daylight, the meantime, we'll see how our only new year's resolution fares tonight, walkies after work, every day!

Sasha is getting more confident every day, she can just about make it on to the sofa on her own now but while she can manage getting up the stairs in seconds, she won't come back down again. I lost count of the times we herd whining coming from the stairs over the weekend, one little puppy desperate to be rescued. Then within minutes of being brought downstairs, she was back up again!


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