Monday, March 22, 2004

Where did the weekend go?

After last week dragging by, where did the weekend go? On Saturday we were up bright and early off shopping for some plain headbands for the bride and bridesmaid, we managed to find some at a warehouse in Sheffield. Then the plans for working on the kitchen went on the back burner while Debbie made the bridesmaid headband and very good it looks too! I amused myself by adding the halo comments system to out blog, not sure what the trackback system is all about but I'll leave it there until I find out.

We went to a 70's party on Saturday night which was a good laugh, just to see all those 70's costumes I drew the short straw and was driving while Debbie had a glass or three of white wine. When we got back home we opened a large bottle wine and sat down and watched American Pie 2. I finished most of the wine on my own by the time the film ended and did I pay for it on Sunday morning!

With me having a hangover on Sunday, we had to abandon the kitchen again. We did manage a trip to Dad's and called in at Morrisons one the way home for some supplies, which for once, didn't include any alcohol I spent the rest of the afternoon nursing a sore head while Debbie made her headband which turned out lovely, you can't tell it's not been made by someone who been making them for years. We got the seating arrangements done for the wedding and I think we are going to send the invites out as soon as we've done the kitchen to give people plenty of time to book rooms for an overnight stay.

Finally we sat down and watched Born & Bread on TV before catching up on some much needed zzzzzz's.

Paul & Debbie

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