Sunday, March 07, 2004

Hello again,

Well we have made a start on the kitchen, all the tiles are off the wall and we been and got the tongue and groove so we can make a start next weekend, now this should be fun....

Zippy our parrott had a shower this morning with Lucy trying to get in with him, he loved it and is now pruning his feathers and looking very

Paul had got a new toy, a kite so later on we are going to Cannon Hall so he can fly it, Im taking the cam corder so i can catch him getting fustrated with

We are keeping an eye on the weather this week as its suppose to be snowing by the end of it....yippee...lets hope we have more than last

I will take some piccies today so i can put some more on our web site and also on here....

Will update soon

Debbie & Paul

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